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Details Of Board Members Converted Into Digitized Excel Format

Project Overview

About Company

The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA


Data Management

The Client Needs & Objectives

The data in regards to the board members was to be entered into excel format. The confidential data was in the form of an image and only accessed by one person. There just can’t be any scope of error in case where the information in regards to the board members is concerned.

The Challenges

  • The directory of board members was received to be converted into excel sheet.
  • There should not be any missing information was the topmost agenda.
  • Since being the board members data it was pretty confidential, so the data was first entered into a dedicated server.
  • The accesses to the server was given to only person, another person was just deployed to do the entry of the data.
  • The information in regards to the name, contact details, designation, addess, fax numbers, spouse details all were supposed to be entered without any errors into the system.
  • To improve with the data entry and to work error free, reading process was deployed for the complete data after every individual entry, for which dedicated persons were selected.
  • There should not be any spelling mistake or error which can further effect the details of that person.
  • The information was duly updated with respect to any person leaving the company or any new addition in the board members committee.
  • In case of any missing entry it was duly mentioned in regards to that particular information not found.
  • No flaws are entertained and 100 % accuracy levels were expected.
  • Even the email ids were thoroughly checked so as to omit any which has expired.
  • Duplicate entries were removed.
  • A compulsion was made for the entry of emails.

The Advantages

  • Whenever there is any requirement of the information of any member, the excel sheets make it convenient to access.
  • Saved files are in the desirable format of the client.
  • Confidentiality is duly maintained.

The Solutions

  • The files received were in an image form.
  • Tables were made and data was sorted out carefully maintaining the confidentiality.
  • Information in regards to captions like contact numbers, fax number, designation were all written under different heads.
  • Assurance of error free data is there in case of expert handlings.
  • Every information was entered manually, e mails were well verified.
  • Project was delivered by 100 % accuracy and secrecy.


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