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Evertech BPO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is your one-stop destination for every kind of data entry needs. Whether you are looking for inputting, transcribing or updating data in computer, data can be of any type such as text, numeric or image.

We know that in today’s digital world data is the king and Well-structured, accurate, and high-quality data works as an accelerator in the growth of any business. The data entry process itself is tedious and time-consuming. But Evertech BPO makes it an easy job for you.

Our team of well-skilled data entry specialists’ helps businesses manage their data across functions, be it a large stack of physical documents or the inundating volume of business data records, more efficiently and cost effectively with our data entry services.

Benefits of outsourcing our services:

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to release your workload and making your data entry process a cost effective service, some of the benefits of outsourcing data entry services from India are-
  • Save time and cost
  • Scalability
  • Pay only for work done
  • Quality Assurance
  • Improved Productivity
  • Data Security
  • Work distribution
  • More Focus on Primary Business Goals

Industries Served

Evertech BPO has a team of expert that is known for the variety of outsourcing data entry services that are offered at unmatched rates. In fact, our data entry service covers a number of industry verticals and is designed to cater to all types of customers.
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Market Research
  • Insurance Claims
  • Legal Document
  • Financial Services

Why choose us?

Being one of the topmost data entry service providers, Evertech BPO, Gujrat, Ahmedabad since its inception has setup a different standard altogether in the data entry industry. We evolve our services with the development of technology and offer dependable services enabling businesses to add useful client information to their current database.

Some of the benefits of trusting Evertech BPO as your Data Entry Partner
  • Efficiency, Expertise and Scalability
  • Technically Skilled Professionals
  • Customized solutions for optimal Data Management.
  • Security and Reliability

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High levels of speed and accuracy are ensured by our meticulous process so as to deliver best quality solution within the anticipated time duration.

For improved data security, the client data is retrieved via File Transfer Protocol, or Virtual Private Network and passes through a rigorous sampling tests to verify the accuracy of data. We ensure cost savings, quicker deliveries, and above all, accurate and high-quality data for businesses.

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Let Us Help You Overcome
Business Data Challenges