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In today’s world, Data is King. The company that possesses accurate data and put it at the best use will rule the world. Accurate and efficient data is the only key to a successful business. A company’s ability to grow and succeed entirely relies on the information stored in data records and statistics. Be it a Decision-making process, customer engagement or Marketing endeavors Data plays a vital role.

We at Evertech BPO, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India manages your data better for faster accuracy. We carefully handle all your data entry costs while providing complete accuracy and efficiency and all thanks to our technology-driven strategy. Our comprehensive data solutions with the help of OCR and ICR gives more power to your organization that enable company to make informed decisions, increased audience reach and meaningful customer interactions. Data entry may be tedious and time-consuming job but for us it is one of the most pivotal areas that can influence your ranking in the market across the globe.

Our Services

At Evertech BPO we endure for perfection thus we follow a systematic approach to ensure best quality
  • Captcha Data Entry Services
    Captcha images can only be recognized by humans and not by software, robots or any other automatic tools used by spammers. These are the most useful way to protect your online forms from spammers.
  • Cart Data Entry Services
    We have a team of well-trained shopping cart data entry teams with expertise in populating, managing and updating product catalogs on any type of eCommerce platform.
  • Data Cleansing Services
    Comprehensive Data Cleansing Service For Enhanced Data Quality, Consistency, & Integrity that can Leverage Clean & Standardized Data For Accurate Business decisions.
  • Data Mining Services
    We leverage automated and manual data scrapping tools to extract and analyse data from massive volumes of data captured in databases for your business.
  • Excel Data Entry Services
    Its time to unclutter and arrange your data in a useful manner via Excel, that enables proper rectification, finding out and removing mismatch of numeric digits and so on.
  • Handwritten Data Entry Services
    Save your time by our handwritten data entry services which is a one-stop to convert any kind of paper documents into electronic form.
  • Image Data Entry Services
    With carefully curated data entry techniques, cutting-edge technology & tools, our competent and experienced experts provide Capturing of an image and storing it in a particular file format services.
  • Insurance Claim Data Entry Services
    Data entry is crucial for the smooth functioning of Insurance sector. Insurance companies deal with a large amount of data and these data sets have to be accurately documented to prevent any data loss and data entry errors.
  • Medical Billing Data Entry Services
    Streamline your data and record management duties by quickly digitizing clinical data into the electronic format, online medical billing solutions and medical coding data entry for sanatoriums, clinics, hospitals, medical billing companies, physicians and complete medical industries.
  • Offline Data Entry Services
    You have to fall back on offline data entry services to process information from many documents such as forms, manual invoices, insurance claims, and other paper records are rich sources of data.
  • Online Data Entry Services
    Services like updating of catalogs, image editing, modifying information like stocks or prices, deleting items not on stock, etc. Summing it up, we update the database of online stores from printed/PDF catalogs.
  • Survey Data Entry Services
    Survey Data Entry Services to help businesses manage and process the large volumes of survey data that they deal when meeting their marketing, customer, brand, and employee research objectives.
Trusted by Smart Start-ups and old monks, Data entry service by Evertech BPO is one of the most trusted and reliable service based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

We are known for our incredible services across the globe. With our team of top data specialist, we lead projects with any type of complexity.

With an experience of ages as data entry company, we master the process of simple data entry processing to more complex processes like data enrichment, data categorization, data annotation, data validation, data conversion & content moderation.

Related Services

Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

We have an experience of ages in data entry and analysis, and have delivered multiple successful projects across the globe since our inception. We also have the capability to work on large volumes of data and provide accurate and error-free data entry services.

Our Process

  • Data Analysis
    Analyzing existing database and customizing it as per specific requirement.
  • Data Enrichment
    Merging data with latest technology to get complete and accurate data.
  • Data Verification
    A rigorous verification process to maintain data integrity and validity.
  • Data Integration
    Integrating appended data with existing database and create an enriched customer profile.

Why Choose Us?

Evertech BPO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a smart data entry company that comes up with simple formula of data management.
  • Experience of years
  • Ranks top in Accuracy, Productivity & Stability
  • Technologically Advanced
  • Dynamic, Talented & Screened Talents
  • Data Security
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Let Us Help You Overcome
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