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Digitization Of Invoices Into Excel Sheet Format

Project Overview

About Company

The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA


Data Management

The Client Needs & Objectives

Apprehending the data in the complex format to that into a simplified and easily accessible format is what the task is all about. The only important point to put under consideration is that there should not be any loss of data and accuracy of data should be well maintained.

The Challenges

  • 10000+ invoices were received which were to be transformed into the excel sheet format.
  • The excel sheets are easier to form provided there is a cross check of the entries to be done with absolutely no error allowed.
  • There are in total 32 fields or sectors which were formed in the excel format and entries were done according to them.
  • The task of 32 entries which were entered were due to complete one single task.
  • If there was a mismatch in the total of the invoices then it was duly mentioned as to clear any state of confusion.
  • Also duly mentioned were the cases where the data was not found or there was the missing of invoice number.
  • Since one single record consisted of 32 fields, thus it was a hectic and tedious task to complete all the entries.
  • Moreover initially all the invoices entries were arranged properly in the prescribed order so as to clear confusion in regards to their order.
  • To provide the solution with 100 % accuracy, manual reading of the data was done.
  • A team of dedicated professionals were deployed to carry on the task hassle free.
  • The information was gathered in regards the invoice date or the invoice number from the top corners carefully as to avoid any possibility of error.
  • One can refer the file “Entry Manual.txt” for sorting and getting more information on the same data.

The Advantages

  • The tediousness of cross checking the date and number becomes easy when it is mentioned along with the detailed entry in the excel sheet.
  • A large number of entries were done with the help of experts to rule out any possibility of error in the information.
  • Fast dispatch of the project is done with 100% accuracy level maintained.
  • The files are saved in the format in which the client desires to have.

The Solutions

  • In spite of the large data received, the transformation was done very carefully and within the allotted time frame.
  • Manual proof reading was implemented to maintain the accuracy of the invoice information.


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