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Digitization Of Survey Data Into Excel Sheet

Project Overview

About Company

The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA


Data Management

The Client Needs & Objectives

Analyzing the survey data and transferring the content into an excel sheet format so as to convert the information and come to a precise answer or verdicts. Conversion of a handwritten form to that into an easily readable excel sheet format is what the task and objective is.

The Challenges

  • 25000+ images were received in the form of survey data which were supposed to be transformed into the data of the excel sheets.
  • There were excel templates provided from the client’s side and entry of data was expected to be done in the similar process.
  • There were in total 35 fields which were to be mentioned in the excel sheet. The survey had the implementation of marks 1 or 0, which were to be filled in language form in the excel sheet.
  • The most vital part was the dealing with the handwritten forms, at times the writings were vague so it was important to mark it with a special character so that it is noted down by the client.
  • Alphanumeric entries in the survey required the knowledge as how to deal with them, if they were not clear than markings were highlighted to bring it into the knowledge of the client.
  • Our team of professionals were dedicated for this task.
  • The task required an error free accomplishments and 100 % accuracy.
  • The survey finally had to clarify the statistics and land up to the conclusion, this was the most important agenda.
  • The guidelines to deal with the answers were followed so as to land up to a better knowledge of the forms.
  • Thorough communication lines with the client were set up so as to clarify any state of confusion.

The Advantages

  • Management of large amount of data can be done effectively with no compromise on the quality when a team of experts handle the data transfers.
  • The client get the end product in the format desired.
  • Within time frames the projects are delivered maintaining 100 % accuracy.

The Solutions

  • A good lot of images were received by us with a task to transform them into excel sheets.
  • Committed professionals from our team transferred the data into simpler and easily accessible formats.
  • Hassle free and error less delivery of project was done.


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Let Us Help You Overcome
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