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Digitizing Telephone Directory Into Excel Sheet

Project Overview

About Company

The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA


Data Management

The Client Needs & Objectives

The directory containing the telephone numbers is received by either courier or via e mail and it is supposed to be converted into excel sheets for the ease of processing and without any errors. The accuracy is to be maintained thoroughly.

The Challenges

  • 1000+ pages were supposed to be scanned to speed up the process from the directory received via courier.
  • Also making a sheet of the email and adjoining the two sheets was a tedious task.
  • The data can just not be copy pasted so had to be entered manually, with possibility of no error at all.
  • 25+ dedicated professional were hired for this particular job.
  • There was a time limit set to accomplish the task that is we were supposed to get it done within the time frame of 10 months.
  • There could be possibility of error while entering the data since the task was done manually so the system of double entry was deployed.
  • The coordination was sent with the client in order to update the information very often in regards to the telephone numbers.
  • The old data has to be cross checked with the updated new data and the contact name and number has to be entered with accuracy.
  • Coordination was set to be done with the client in case of duplicate information of the contact.
  • There should be a scope of erasable duplicate records or the records entered twice.
  • The information entered should be well versed with that of Name, Phone and Zip Code.
  • Cross check of Zip Code was also done in coordination with the master mind Google.

The Advantages

  • Excel Sheets are much easier to access.
  • When almost on every page there are numerous numbers and names mentioned, the transfer to the excel format makes it convenient

The Solutions

  • The information of the directory was noted in details required and carefully changed into excel format.
  • When so many professionals keep working, there is no scope of any mistake.
  • Cross checking of data was done by double entry system.


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