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Transforming Handwritten Survey Data of PDF Format Into Excel Format

Project Overview

About Company

The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA


Data Management

The Client Needs & Objectives

Converting the right information in the PDF Format into that of an excel sheet format without any loss of information. The data entered is required to be 100% error free. Files entered are in PDF format to be changed to digitize excel sheets.

The Challenges

  • From the client’s side 1000+ images were received in a week’s time or twice in a week in PDF format through the FTP server.
  • The task was to convert these files into that of an excel format so as to make them easily accessible.
  • Compulsion was to deliver 50 or 100 files within the time frame of 24 hours.
  • The data had the entries with respect to the name, age, gender, skin tone, weight, height, email ID, address, phone which are supposed to be entered carefully without any chance of committing errors.
  • In case of insufficient availability of data or missing of any file details, the records were made to cancel.
  • The data which was in the form of a handwritten file was a big task since the forms were filled by numerous people and everyone’s have different handwritings so it was a tedious one to understand the details and then copy it correctly in the excel format.
  • No scope of error was to be made, since the change in information can further lead to blunders.
    Mentioning of tag lines like ‘name not clear’ or ‘mail id not clear’ was done so as to specify that these details were not fetched properly.
  • Cross checking of mail id and its verification was done thoroughly via coordinating with the availability on Google.
  • Since the data was in relation to the identity verification so confidentiality was required to keep in mind.
  • Dedicated and trusted sources were employed to access this data.
  • To ensure error free entry, double entry data system was deployed.

The Advantages

  • Survey data entries are much easier to be accessed in the excel sheet format.
  • To form the statistics of the data which in a handwritten form is comparatively easy.
  • People at expertise handle the data which ensures error free solutions.

The Solutions

  • Large amount of data was received, studied and converted into desired format.
  • Each file was reviewed and entered maintaining the confidentiality.
  • 100 % accurate results were delivered.


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